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SA 210 A1 ferritic steel is primarily used for Heat exchanger tubes in critical thermal power plants and waste heat recovery boilers operated in the temperature range of 300°C -400 °C. ASTM 210 A1 ferritic steel pipes are fitted in water walls operating at temperatures around 300-400°C .These steels tubes are exposed in the furnace to high temperature. Both corrosion and erosion attack from the hot flue gas stream significantly enhances the higher metal wastage rate.
Sound and successful welds of the SA 210 A1 boiler tubular steel could be obtained from both the GTA and SMA welding techniques. Widmanstatten ferrite structure present at the HAZ of the SA 210 A1 steel in both the cases of welding techniques.
The higher mechanical properties of the carbon steel with a Widmanstatten structure is due to the higher percentage of quasi-eutectoid. d) In general, GTA weldments offer better mechanical properties as compared to SMA weldments since the fracture had occurred at the parent metal. Please call us for a more in-depth look and additional uses for A210 Gr A1 Seamless Steel Boiler Tube, that includes some comparative corrosion resistance data, media, concentrations and temperatures.

SA210 Boiler Pipe & Tubing Specification

Grade A1
Outer Dimensions 12.7mm-114.3mm
Length 5-25mm
ASME SA 210 / ASTM A210
Wall Thickness 0.8mm-15mm

A210 Heat Exchanger Tubes Chemical Composition

Max 0.93

ASME SA210 Standard Pipes Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength(Mpa)
Yield Strength(Mpa)

ASTM A210 Grade A1 Pipe Types

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